Oscars Selfie

Oscars Selfie
An Oscars selfie taken by our 2014 national winners!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Hey, Miss Royalty International enthusiasts!  I wanted to inform you of what MRI is doing at the moment.  It's fun to know just what goes on in an executive director and marketing director's world! Lots of exciting things are happening.  Find out more below:

1.  We are getting contestant requests like CRAZY!  It's so surreal.  We are so excited about what our turnout is going to be next year.   Recently, we received our first international delegates; Canada and also the United Kingdom.

2.  We are keeping up with blogging (trying to at least), Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.  If you are on any of these sites, please follow us and tag us in your posts so we can find you. =) @missroyaltyintl or @missroyaltyinternational

3.  At the pageant next year, we are planning some fun things...think VIDEOS. =)  I regret not getting videos on my cellphone in the past, but who knew that videos were so hard to put up online?  Especially on Instagram.  Anyone have any ideas on how to upload videos from your phone?  If you are doing an appearance, feel free to make a video and post it on your sites so we can see!  We even love selfie videos on what you've been up to so far this year or any advice you have for future contestants!  I also love Flipgram for Instagram.

Miss Royalty International Flipgram video for Junior Fashionwear

Miss Royalty International Flipgram video for evening gown
4. We are also working on our big event on November 2, 2014...THE Pageant Event.  It's being held at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Milwaukee, WI.  Attendees always have fun at this event each year, because we get to meet new people who enjoy one common thing - PAGEANTRY!!!

If that sounds like you,  THE Pageant Event is THE place for you!  There's always 150-200 people that attend, and we have a silent auction/raffle to help out a local charity.  This year, the organization is the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha, WI.  We are so excited to have received a very large ticket item from Kesslers Diamonds in Brookfield (www.kesslersdiamonds.com) for the event, and we are so grateful.  If you, your business, or any other business you know of is willing to donate, please contact Cheryl Smukowski or Michelle Becker.  Currently, we're seeking models for the fashion show, so be sure to visit www.thepageantevent.com and fill out a model application and pay for your lunch ticket!

THE Pageant Event

THE Pageant Event

THE Pageant Event

So, that's what we are currently working on.  All of this has really kept us busy, but we've been trying to be prompt on answering your e-mails and messages.  Thank you so much for all of your support and we look forward to meeting you/seeing you at our future events. =)

Michelle Becker

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