Oscars Selfie

Oscars Selfie
An Oscars selfie taken by our 2014 national winners!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Spotlight on Germaine Seidler

Spotlight on...Germaine Seidler!  Germaine is our Ms. Royalty International Triple Crown winner!  She always is so positive and her persistence inspires all around her.  Take a look into Germaine's life in our exclusive interview below!

MRI -What do you like to do in your spare time?
I have always been a voracious reader. Any spare time that I manage to find is spent reading. I read everything from science fiction, to historical novels, to classics, to current best sellers.

MRI - What is your favorite hobby?
I have a great time being a member of a book club. At our meetings we start with a potluck meal based on the theme, country, or another aspects from our current book and then we have a two hour discussion about the book. It is a great way to dive deeper into a book.

MRI - What did you do to prepare for the pageant?
One tip that I have found to be invaluable to is take photographs in all of your pageant clothes, both while standing and while walking. Something that you may not notice in real life, such as a hem that is too short or too long, jewelry that is too large or too small, the fit of an outfit, may be readily seen in a photograph. Then correct those little glitches and you will be ready for the pageant. 

MRI - What is one piece of advice you have for next year’s contestants?
Be the best ‘you’ that you can be. You don’t need the most expensive clothes or the perfect body, you just be need to be ‘you’. When you are the best person that you can be, you will give off a glow of confidence that will make you a success.

MRI - What is your favorite vacation spot?
My family took a ‘once in a lifetime’ vacation to Hawaii about fifteen years ago. We enjoyed everything in Hawaii from the waterfalls, to the beaches, to the historical sites, to the beautiful flowers, and even volcanos. The best part was a helicopter ride over several of the islands. The entire vacation was amazing.

MRI - What organization is your favorite to volunteer for?
Since I love children, my favorite volunteer activity is reading to children during their school day. While I have read a wide variety of books to various groups of children I do have several favorites. Not All Princesses Wear Pink is a delightful story about all of the things that girls can do while wearing ‘a sparkling crown’. Another favorite book to read to students is B is for Badger. This book lists many famous people, places, and activities that take place in Wisconsin.

MRI - What is your fondest memory?
It is impossible to narrow it to just one memory. The birth of my children, meeting my grandson for the first time, falling in love with my husband, growing up on a farm, teaching special education, retirement, and traveling are all fond memories.

MRI - What makes Miss Royalty International different from any other pageant you've been in?
Royalty International is by far the best pageant that I have participated in. You know that the judging will be honest and the competition will be fair. You get so much value for your low entry fee – great gifts, huge crowns, high quality sashes, a great pageant dinner, and fun contestant party. Cheryl, Michelle, and all the other countless people who volunteer their time to plan every little detail throughout the weekend really make this pageant a high quality, pleasant, and enjoyable activity. 

Germaine's family on vacation in Hawaii.
Germaine holding her grandson, Silas, for the first time.  What a proud grandma!

Germaine's two children, James and Sarah.

I hope you all got to know Germaine a little bit better from this interview.  As you can see, she is a very eloquent, sophisticated and caring woman.  We are so happy to have her represent us.  

Thank you!

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