Oscars Selfie

Oscars Selfie
An Oscars selfie taken by our 2014 national winners!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

SPOTLIGHT ON....Amanda Torchia!

We are proud to present to you....
Miss Amanda Torchia, Miss Royalty International Teen!
Official headshot of Amanda Torchia - Miss Royalty International Teen.  Photo by: Fadil Berisha

We had the extreme pleasure of interviewing this lovely lady.  She is beautiful inside and out and so well-rounded.  Take a look at our exclusive interview with Amanda below:

MRI - Amanda, what do you do in your spare time?
Amanda - In my spare time, I love being around my friends and family. They always know how to make me laugh! Also I love to exercise, it's a big part of my life because I feel it's so important to have a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, I enjoy cleaning (surprisingly). I am super organized and love to organize my room!

MRI - What is your favorite hobby? 
Amanda - My favorite hobby is pageants, of course! When I was young, I was super shy and pageantry really helped me open up and gain the confidence that I have today.

Amanda taking her first walk as Miss Royalty International Teen 2014!

Amanda looking confident in her evening wear.

Amanda in her fun fashion wear.

Amanda's crowning moment!
MRI - What did you do to prepare for the pageant? 
Amanda - Lots and lots of practicing! I really do believe that practice makes perfect. I practiced my walking routines, my mom asked me interview questions at any chance she got, and I helped in selecting my competition wardrobe. It really was a fun process.
MRI - What is your advice to next year's contestants? 
Amanda - For next years contestants, my advice is to have fun! Enjoy every minute of the competition because it goes by extremely quickly and will be over before you know it.
MRI - What is your favorite vacation spot? 
Amanda - I love visiting Boca Raton, Florida. My family and I go there every summer and it's the best! My favorite part is going to the beach because I love being in the sun and going surfboarding with my brother, Antonio.
MRI - What is your favorite organization to volunteer for? 
Amanda - I recently was named an official volunteer of the Red Cross Organization and it was such an honor. I really enjoy it because my mom volunteers with me so it's a great way for us to spend time with each other!

MRI - What is your fondest memory? Amanda - My fondest memory would definitely be when I was chosen to model for Seventeen Magazine in NYC! I was so excited and it was a great experience. I have always wanted to model for Seventeen and I was happy to finally accomplish that.

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Amanda posing with her issue of Seventeen Magazine!  How exciting!
MRI - What makes the Miss Royalty International pageant different from any other pageant you've done?  
Amanda - With the Miss Royalty International pageant, I felt I really was able to take something away from it. I made memories and friendships that will be with me forever and I know that it was an experience of a lifetime.
Amanda promoting her platform of living a healthy lifestyle at the Ultimate Health and Wellness Expo.
Amanda and Mrs. Royalty International having fun!
The infamous Miss Royalty International Oscar selfie!
Maria and Amanda, having too much fun at the hotel!

Amanda, Miss Royalty International Teen, pictured with Fadil Berisha.
Amanda posing in New York city!
I think think she was excited she won....what do you think? =)
We surprised Amanda with "Happy Birthday!"

As you can see, Amanda has done so much with her title already promoting living a healthy lifestyle.  She's such a great example of teens around the world, and we are looking forward to what else her year has ahead of her!  Great job, Amanda.  Keep it up!

Michelle Becker

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